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Charitable bequests – notification overhaul

We do not usually report on consultations. However, the MoJ has announced that it proposes to overhaul the process by which charities are alerted to bequests left in wills.
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SRA – new principles

As we reported in the February 2019 edition (p32), the SRA will start to phase in its regulatory reforms from April 2019. 
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Probate fees – increase?

Despite past resistance, the government proposes an increase in probate fees as soon as April 2019. At the moment, there is a flat fee to apply for probate when someone has died. 
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Ryanair – can bypass solicitors

The CA has held that Ryanair is entitled to deal with passenger claims directly and does not have to involve or pay solicitors who may have assisted in the claims.
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Probate – online service

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In March 2018 the SRA issued a guidance note to solicitors regarding the use of NDAs. The SRA acknowledged that NDAs can legitimately be used to protect commercial interests, confidentiality and reputation. 
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MoJ – IT meltdown

Many litigators are no doubt all too aware of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) January 2019 IT failures that hit the delivery of frontline legal services in some courts. 
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Costs – rule relaxed

The fixed costs rules in civil litigation were introduced in 2010 because it was felt that the legal fees in many cases were disproportionate to the value of the claim. 
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Brexit – guidance

We have largely avoided Brexit, because of the uncertainty. However, the Law Society has produced online guidance to help prepare for a no deal Brexit covering:
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SRA handbook – changes

A reminder that the SRA will start to phase in its regulatory reforms in April 2019. 
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