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Post-nuptial agreements – enforceable

This interesting case concerns an American couple married for 10 years, with five children of that marriage, who lived on the Isle of Man. They signed their pre-nuptial agreement on the day of their wedding.

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Financial dispute resolution – court cannot revisit dispute

Rule 2.61E of the Family Proceedings Rules provides that:

‘(2) The district judge or judge hearing the [financial dispute resolution] appointment must have no further involvement with the application, other than to conduct any further [such] appointment or to make a consent order or a further directions order’.
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Setting aside decree nisi – procedure

What is the procedure for seeking to get a decree nisi and decree absolute set aside where the respondent says he was never served and the petitioner misled the court in securing an order for service to be dispensed with?

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S91(14) – exceptional use

Section 91(14) Children Act 1989 provides that:

‘On disposing of any application for an order under this Act, the court may (whether or not it makes any other order in response to the application) order that no application for an order under this Act of any specific kind may be made with respect to the child concerned by any person named in the order without leave of the court.’
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Procedure – fact-finding hearing

In family proceedings, the court has a discretion whether to hear evidence in relation to disputed matters of fact with a view to determining them.

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Judicial guidance – parents

The Midland Region of Family Judges and Magistrates has issued guidelines for all parents thinking of asking for a court order. It provides practical advice and suggestions on how to deal with children when parents break-up.

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Bankruptcy – matrimonial home

The only asset in the husband’s bankruptcy was the matrimonial home. The trustee in bankruptcy sought a possession order against the husband, the wife, and the three children.

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Ancillary relief – criminal sanctions for seizing documents

What criminal sanctions might apply when a spouse secretly copies, seizes or attempts to access digital documents for use in ancillary relief proceedings? The unauthorised access to computer material is an offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Under s1 of the Act a person is guilty of an offence if:

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Divorce proceedings – use of documents by solicitors

Chef Marco Pierre White sued his former wife’s solicitors, Withers, for either acquiescing in her interception of confidential documents belonging to him or for encouraging her by their advice to intercept or retain such documents.

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Internal relocation – shared residence order in place

Where there is a residence order in place, the courts will not, other than in exceptional circumstances, impose conditions, including one restricting the right of residence to a specific place, on the residence order where the primary carer is providing entirely appropriate care for the child. But what is the position where there is a shared residence order in place?

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