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Procedure – coronavirus

The author raises an urgent issue for family lawyers: how should they take the coronavirus into account in the work they undertake for their clients, particularly international clients or those with assets abroad?
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Procedure – Financial Remedies Courts

The author describes the recently published Financial Remedies Courts Good Practice Protocol as essential reading for family practitioners; it sets out important best practice principles in relation to the FRC.
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Adoption – opposition

The parents and the children’s guardian successfully appealed a refusal to grant leave to oppose the making of an adoption order.
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Adoption – notification

The disclosure of the existence of the children or further enquiries about potential family care had been appropriate. This was the CA’s conclusion in three conjoined appeals.
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Separation agreement – costs

It was not for W to bankroll litigation unreasonably conducted by H, even though she was worth some £59m. H was a struggling artist.
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Disclosure – religious duty of confidentiality

A witness summons against two religious elders was to be upheld and disclosure ordered, the Family Court has held.
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Child maintenance – Hadkinson order

W applied for a Hadkinson order barring her former husband (H) from continuing with his appeal in FLA proceedings unless he paid what he owed in child maintenance payments. Cohen J described the background as ‘some of the least attractive and commercially suicidal litigation that I have seen for a long while’.
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Marriage – formalities; Islamic ceremonies

An Islamic ‘marriage’ was a non-marriage and invalid, the CA decided. It meant the ‘wife’ could not make a financial claim. Furthermore, there was no ceremony for which a decree of nullity could be granted.
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Fact finding – procedural irregularities

The judge had permitted serious procedural irregularities in a hearing in relation to complaints of domestic abuse and sexual assault. His approach to fact-finding was so flawed as to lead to the conclusion that it was unsafe and wrong.
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Children – separation

The decision to authorise the separation of a mother and baby (C) was wrong; it was not a necessary and proportionate response to the situation that had arisen.
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