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Completion – undertaking

In these days of falling values and negative equity, it is more important than ever to take care before giving an undertaking to redeem an existing mortgage or charge – without having first obtained a redemption statement and/or the consent of each mortgagee for the release of their security.

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Land Registry – forms

A reminder that the new LR forms are now all mandatory (as from 10 February). Old forms cannot be used.


Contract – L’s consent?

If L’s consent is needed to an assignment (eg of a long residential lease) then consider whether the Standard Conditions are appropriate.

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Contract – Unfair Terms?

Do the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regs apply to contracts to buy and sell land?

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Mining search – neighbouring property

If you carry out a coal mining search, what is the scope of the protection that you (or your client) gets from the Coal Authority?

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City of London – Certificate of Title

The City of London Law Society has made minor changes to its widely used Certificate of Title.

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Registration – compulsory

Two new ‘triggers’ for compulsory first registration of land came into force on 6 April:

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Land Registry – new fees

All LR fees will increase on 6 July. Apparently, this is the first increase in scale and fixed fees since 1993 (fees for information services were increased in 2006).

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Land Registry – qualifications?

You can get a certificate or a diploma in LR law and practice (referred to as an LRQ).

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HIPs – personal searches

The transitional rules allowed HIPs to include incomplete personal local searches, provided the omissions were covered by insurance.

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